Certified Innovation Professional (CInP®)

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24 hours


UAE, Jordan


Certificates , Innovation

To give working professionals a comprehensive understanding of innovation and practical knowledge of key innovation methods and tools they can apply as productive members and leaders of innovation teams.

The Certified Innovation Professional teaches you what you need to understand in order to become a productive member of the innovation profession, from innovation fundamentals to a highly-effective set of innovation tools and methods. Regardless of your career stage, the CInP® is a valuable professional asset that will distinguish you among your peers as someone capable of driving focused and purposeful innovation work inside the business enterprise.


  • The Innovation Professional – World Changers of the Business World
  • The Fundamentals – Getting Up Close & Personal with Business Innovation
  • Innovation’s Design Outputs – The Many Forms of “What’s New”
  • The Effective Innovator – Einstein, Edison, Jobs, and You
  • Creativity, Ideation, & Brainstorming – Tapping into Innovation’s Source of Life
  • Storytelling – How to Spark the Imagination & Turn Ships
  • Getting Innovation Done – Running Innovation Projects in the Business
  • The Big Dig – The Role of Research in Innovation
  • The Breakthrough Innovation Method – Putting Oblique Examination to Work
  • Product Innovation – Making the Great New Things that Wow the World
  • Service Innovation – Innovation Meets the Service Economy
  • Design Thinking, Human-Centric Design, & The Role of Design in Innovation
  • The Innovation Manager – Grand Masters of the New
  • What Makes One an Effective Innovation Manager?
  • The Innovation Management Process – Driving Innovation Throughput in the Business
  • Engagement – The Art of Participatory Innovation
  • Selecting the Winning Ideas – My Innovation is Better Than Your Innovation
  • Workshops – Getting Our Minds Open & Our Hands Dirty
  • The Innovation Manager as Liaison – Leveraging Open Innovation
  • The Innovation Manager as Project Leader – Driving Focused Innovation
  • Program & Project Management Tools for Innovation Management
  • Building a Core Innovation Group
  • Designing Innovation Spaces

The innovation models and frameworks used are:

  • Discovery-Driven Innovation
  • Outcome-Driven Innovation
  • GII Business Model Innovation Framework (BMIF)
  • The Flight Board Innovation Method
  • The Emergent NPD Process
  • Design Thinking
  • Participatory Innovation & Engagement
  • GII Innovation Management System

Staff and Managers in Strategy, Innovation, Marketing, and R&D – those who will be responsible for defining and delivering new innovations inside the organization.

  • Government & Political
  • Environment & Space Design
  • Leadership & Management
  • Selling & Sales
  • Green & Sustainability
  • Strategic Planning
  • New Products & Services
  • Design & User Experience
  • Marketing, PR & Promotions
  • Process & Manufacturing
  • Learning & Development
  • Meeting & Event Planning
  • Communication